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There's nothing more exciting than preparing for a new baby. But making medical decisions for your baby can be difficult. With seemingly endless information out there, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed. Information About Umbilical Cord Clamping provides up to date information including reputable medical research about umbilical cord clamping and cord blood. With this information, you can educate yourself about how to promote your infant's health.

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Discover helpful information about delayed cord clamping.

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Judith S. Mercer, Ph.D., FACNM

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We believe that every baby deserves a healthy, happy start to life. That's why, at Information About Umbilical Cord Clamping, we've made it our mission to inform parents about optimal clamping time and the benefits to the baby of receiving the baby's own cord blood at birth. Operated by Judith S. Mercer, Ph.D., FACNM, a dedicated midwife educator and researcher, our organization strives to provide soon-to-be parents with the information they need to protect their babies' health.

Dr. Mercer is passionate about helping parents understand the value of cord blood and to properly time cord clamping. She believes that newborns are entitled to reap the continued health benefits of their own cord blood. Inspired by her mission, we provide a list of professionally written publications and other detailed information designed to help you make the best decision for your little one.


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